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In The Weldcoa World News

The Case Studies below are just a sample of how we put our innovation to work for our clients. We are committed to helping them improve profitability and safety in their facilities.

Cee Kay Supply, Inc. - St. Louis, MO

Sets the bar high to invest in new growth potential.

B&J Welding captures a rapidly growing market

As the region’s oil and gas business has exploded, so has the need for state-of-the-art welding technology.


Poised to compete with the majors, WeldWorld builds a fill plant to give them an edge.

A-OX Welding Supply

Well-equipped to grow with their current customers and open doors to new ones.


"We took every opportunity to maximize productivity and minimize efforts in the filling process."

Koehler Welding

“It was simple math. What I was spending annually with our supplier could be invested in our own fill plant.”


Norco (Casper, WY)

"Their remote monitoring service has been invaluable."

Weiler Welding

Automated Fill Island Spurs Expansion

“We’ve experienced complete  success and satisfaction.”


S.J. Smith’s Finds Partner in Productivity

“We’ve experienced tremendous
growth on the gas side of the
business over the last several

Industrial Source

Industrial Source

"We ordered their specialty gas
blend cell, a traversing manifold fill
island and pallets and pallet trucks."

Depke Welding Supplies

Depke Welding Supplies

"Automation has allowed us to build customer confidence."

Amercian Welding & Gas Facility

American Welding & Gas Facility

"It's an ongoing battle to remain competitive in the marketplace..."

ILMO Cylinder Filling Facility

ILMO Cylinder Filling Facility

"The system has consistenlty performed. And we continue to build on it."

nexAir Hydrogen Fill Facility

nexAir Hydrogen Fill Facility

"The Hydrogen project was further proof that we had picked the right people for the job."

Indiana Oxygen Facility

Indiana Oxygen Facility

"The versatility of their system made it so easy for us to implement in our existing plant"

nexAir Hydrogen Pump Performance

nexAir Hydrogen Pump Performance

"It s been 18 months without an issue. This pump has a level of product efficiency that did'nt exist."

Oxarc Pasco Fill Facility

Oxarc Pasco Fill Facility

"When Weldcoa said it could be done, we trusted them to make it happen and they did."

Tyco In-House Inergen  Filling System

Tyco In-House Inergen Filling System

"Analytical data recorded in house allows you to have complete control over the quality of your products."

nexAir Filling Facility

"We knew we had one chance to get this right, so we scanned the playing field for an experienced partner."

Norco's Fill Plant

"We have seen a 25% reduction in costs with the new facility, and have had a dramatic reduction of 66% in loss time injuries."

Encompass Gas

"We are able to provide a Certificate of Analysis for our quality."

Butler Gas

"We knew that our specialty gas filling operation was an area where we could become more independent."

Noble Gas Solutions

"We recognized that Weldcoa's 18-cylinder pallet manifolds were a terrific alternative to costly microbulk delivery vehicles."

Holston Gases

"Automation has enabled us to save labor, increase quality and consistency..."

Gas & Supply

"We made the decision to fill cylinders in our Tulsa location, and commissioned Weldcoa to do it."


Filling automation delivers
measurable value for WestAir and
their customers.