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An ongoing commitment to safety, excellence and innovation

For forty years Weldcoa has led the way through innovation, making it possible to move, fill and store cylinders like never before. Our products can help your business improve profitability and safety. Our commitment to excellence has been the cornerstone of our philosophy since the beginning.

We specialize in the facilitating of cylinder handling and gas filling systems as they pertain to palletized processes and we are the largest independent manufacturer of Pallet Systems in North America.

Our material handling system is know as the Instaload System. The Instaload System revolves around the use of our Sur-Loc Pallets.

The Founder of Weldcoa, Richard Bennett invented the Sur-Loc Pallet in the late 1960's. Since that time the Weldcoa Palletized Process has evolved from an external delivery system, through the use of pallet trucks and trailers, to an internal material handling system that can include two-tiered storage and manual or automated gas-filling systems.

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