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Sur Fill

The Next Game Changer Has Arrived

PASS (Programmable Automated Sampling System) for Specialty Gas is a revolutionary system, PASS provides a new level of automation for your specialty gas filling operation. With the PASS Sampling System you can program, sample and record a greater number of analyses automatically, simultaneously and with certainty.

Features & Benefits

  • Provide uniform, consistent analysis
  • Reduce analytical uncertainty
  • Reduce lab area labor costs
  • Increase number of analyses
  • Instantly capture analytical data
  • Relieve the bottleneck that sampling typically creates
  • Program analysis as work methods to perform repetitive tests

Included with PASS:

  • Fully customizeable software
  • Sampling cabinet
  • 16 port valve for each instrument
  • Touchscreen PC and monitor
  • Remote monitoring and support
  • Sample cylinder stations (optional)
Mix gas Sur-Fill screen Mix gas Sur-Fill screen