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Automation for any size budget

Designed for cylinder gas filling facilities, the Sur-Fill fully automated cylinder filling system can be installed into new or existing facilities. Developed as a single gas and a 5-gas mix automated cylinder filling unit, these systems are capable of filling 2 manifolds simultaneously and independent of each other. Fill reports print after each fill cycle is completed. The Sur-Fill is a highly efficient, cost affective alternative to conventional filling methods.

Features & Benefits

  • Consistent Overall Fill Levels
  • Improved and consistent product quality levels
  • Instantaneous Fill Report Capability
  • Simple user-friendly screens prompt users through the filling process
  • Operated by a Mitsubishi GOT color touch screen PLC that runs on standard 120 Volt 60 Hz power
  • Delivered as self contained, turnkey units that are ready to operate once the existing gas lines have been connected to them

Available Options

  • Sur-Fill Level 1–Stops pump at termination of fill task
  • Sur-Fill Level 2–Automates vent, vacuum, fill process for straight gases
  • Sur-Fill Level 3–Automates vent, vacuum, fill process for mixed gases by pressure/temperature
  • Sur-Fill Level 4–Automates vent, vacuum, fill process for mixed gases gravimetrically
  • Sur-Fill iQ Level 5–Fully Automated Filling Process
  • Sur-Fill Reports Produces report after every fill
Mix gas Sur-Fill screen
Mix gas Sur-Fill screen
Sur-Fill meets your filling requirements
Sur-Fill meets your filling