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Control your fill within a tenth of a gram!

Our automated pump protection technology allows you to modernize the way you operate your pumps while also saving you time, money, labor and more. Advanced features like remote monitoring, VFD technology and 24/7 support, give you the tools to safely and efficiently manage your pump system. While reliable tracking and data reports will keep you informed.

Features & Benefits

  • Consistent Overall Fill Levels
  • Cost effective immediate automation
  • Improved and consistent product quality levels
  • Installation can occur over a weekend
  • Decreased skilled labor costs
  • Instantaneous Fill Report Capability
  • Simple user-friendly screens prompt users through the filling process


  • Operated by a Mitsubishi GOT color touch screen PLC that runs on standard 120 Volt 60 Hz power
  • Delivered as self contained, turn key units that are ready to operate once the existing gas lines have been connected to them
  • Built and tested at Weldcoa prior to shipping to the customer work site. This assures that the unit is fully operational upon receipt.
  • Highly adaptable to various environments
  • Reside within a NEMA

Pump Control Center

The Pump Control Center is a custom computer network that requires only a Cat 9 cable to communicate with the entire pump station network.


Four major functions include:

  1. Controls the on/off function for each pump including the cool down process. Saves time and labor, and gives your pump equipment a longer life span
  2. Acts as a "traffic controller" for the fill station. The system controls the queue process for the pumps by identifying the station and the gas that should be pumped. As the fillers call for a gas, the Pump Control puts the request in queue. As soon as the pump is available, the Pump Control releases the authority to the next user.
  3. Monitors the pumps by temperature and pressure, automatically adjusting the fill process as needed at the pump. As the fill cycle reaches target fill pressure, the Pump Controls slows down the speed of the cryogenic pump in order to better control the limitation of gas flow. 
  4. Collects and stores a wide range of pump performance data, logging data from every fill.