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Watch Dog

Eliminate operator error with Watch Dog.

The Watch Dog Automatic Pump Protection System is designed to protect your pump from abuse. The system allows the operator to remotely cool down and start and stop the pump. In addition, it provides a means of monitoring the pump to ensure effective performance and help you avoid costly pump failure and down time.

Features & Benefits

  • PLC Based System allows for custom operating parameters for local conditions
  • Indoor/Outdoor rated enclosure
  • Remote operator station controls pump operations and displays signal failure alarms for 12 possible faults
  • Cools down pump prior to start
  • Turns off liquid supply to pump after pre-set period of inactivity to reduce product loss and improve pump seal life
  • Continuously monitors pump discharge temperature (Cavitation) and shuts down pump at any time during the fill process to protect the pump from damage
  • High pressure shut down switch shuts pump down in the event of excess pressure
  • Supplied with an automatic liquid supply valve and vapor return valve for oxygen systems to comply with current regulations

Available Options

  • Liquid supply temperature monitor to detect loss of prime due to low liquid level in tank
  • Shaft seal temperature monitor to shut down pump and prevent drive end damage
  • Vaporizer temperature monitor to prevent cold gas from being introduced into cylinders
  • Soft start: reduces torque on pump drive end and extends belt life
  • Unloader valve on pump discharge to reduce start up load on pump
  • Operator pendant for multiple user applications may be added
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