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Sur Fill

Do More and Do It Better with Sur-Fill iQ-s

The Sur-Fill iQ-s Automatic Specialty Gas Gravimetric Fill System puts intuitive automated technology at your fingertips. This easy to use system utilizes touch screen technology to guide you through the specialty gas filling process, providing greater productivity and accuracy.

The Sur-Fill iQ-s includes an isolation cabinet, scale, orbital manifold, and touch screen technology.

Features & Benefits

  • Unlimited number of recipes can be stored with up to 10 source gas supply stations
  • Intuitive HMI touch screen with self prompting features
  • Produces ultra-consistent mixtures
  • Is less dependent on operators’ actions for highly reliable mixtures
  • Uses significantly less labor to produce highly accurate mixtures
  • Runs unattended after the cylinders are connected and the mixture recipe is selected
  • Audio prompting throughout the process
  • Features remote monitoring capability and support
  • Start up and power loss recovery validation mode
  • All components are orbital welded or VCR connections (Oxygen is socket weld Monel)
  • Remote operation and/or remote viewing keeps track of pressure and service cylinder contents
Mix gas Sur-Fill screen Mix gas Sur-Fill screen

Designed to

  • Produce mixtures from percent down to ppm concentrations from up to 10 source gases
  • Install, start-up and train quickly

Available Options

  • Inert (any oxydizer is limited to 500 psig inlet pressure)
  • Oxidizer
  • Flammable (available with purged electrical enclosure or remotely mounted electrical enclosure)
  • Toxic/Corrosive