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Producing Ultra-Pure Helium
Delivers Big Results

Project: Encompass Gas*

Weldcoa deployed a helium filling system that produces 7.0 grade.
"We provide a Certificate of Analysis for our quality thanks to the impurity testing."
Can produce 5.0, 6.0 or possibly 7.0 grade helium from your current source.
Skid mounted, turn key solution is easy to set up and start producing.
We deliver ultra pure gas for customers that require less than 100 ppb of impurities.

Encompass Gas capitalizes on an opportunity with the production of helium having less than 100 ppb of impurities.

Encompass Gas has enjoyed steady growth of their 58 year old business by catering to the needs of their customers, and by identifying opportunities in the market where they can maintain an advantage. Their latest addition of helium purification, from Weldcoa’s Precision Specialty Gas division, is a perfect example of just that.

Encompass once again partnered with Weldcoa, this time to deploy a helium filling system that allows them to produce ultra-pure helium, along with purity analysis certification. “Our plan wasn’t to achieve 7.0 grade. The success of the purifier and our engineering team allowed this new product grade to be developed,” confirmed Don Renner, Weldcoa’s Sales Engineering Manager.

By being the first to produce ultra-pure helium, Encompass gained an advantage to capture highdemand markets such as semi-conductor manufacturing, universities and research at a time when helium supply is a concern

*This article was written prior to the November 1, 2013 acquisition of The Encompass Gas Group.