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A Plant for the Future
Exceeds Expectations.

Project: ILMO Cylinder Filling Facility – 10 Years Later

ILMO has doubled production without adding staff.
In 10+ years there have been zero safety issues.
There is still more potential to grow with the existing system.

ILMO’s decision to hire Weldcoa to build a high volume, fully automated fill plant ten years ago proves to have been a wise investment in their future.

ILMO Products Company, in Jacksonville, IL, choose Weldcoa in build a state-of the-art filling facility to help their 90-year-old business continue to grow into the future. ILMO credits Weldcoa’s comprehensive knowledge of fill plants, and their experience in design, installation and transitioning existing fill plants, as a key to their success over the last 10 years. In fact, ILMO has since hired Weldcoa to expand their specialty gas lab after just 3 years, and are currently planning the addition of remote monitoring and additional automation.