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Custom Filling Automation

Project: Indiana Oxygen

"We are thrilled with the system. It has performed flawlessly."
The new system increased productivity and streamlined filling.
Remote monitoring makes it easy to interact with production from anywhere.
Pump controls guarantee safe, uniform fills.
Indiana Oxygen’s investment is set for a quick ROI.

Weldcoa adds modular automation and pump controls to Indiana Oxygen’s fill plant for increased productivity, streamlined filling, accurate gas mixing, and the benefits of remote monitoring.

When Indiana Oxygen planned to increase productivity and deliver greater accuracy and repeatability of their mixes in their high-volume facility, they once again hired Weldcoa, this time to customize a Sur-Fill Automation system.

“We are thrilled with the system. It has performed flawlessly. The remote monitoring capability has made it easy to watch and interact with production from anywhere,” stated Tony Johnson, Indiana Oxygen Plant Manager. “The system delivered everything they promised and more.”

The Modular Series provides different levels of automation that allow distributors with any volume of filling to take advantage of automation. Modular Series options start with automatic shut-off, and progress to automated vent, vacuum and fill for straight and mixed gases.