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Many Returns on Investment

A Palletized, Fully-Automated Fill Plant
Continues to Pay Dividends – 4 Years and Running

Project: Norco’s Boise, Idaho Fill Plant

Leveraging technology to reduce labor costs.
Norco’s fully-automated, palletized fill plant has seen a 25% reduction in costs.
Customized automation enables standard & 4500 PSIG filling of storage tubes.
Weldcoa’s depth of knowledge & experience was greater than everyone else’s.
"We have run this for just over a year now and the support has been first class."

Norco, the largest independent gas manufacturer in the country, leveraged Weldcoa’s high-level planning, with their new, palletized, fully automated fill plant.

“Weldcoa’s team played a key role in our success. They lived up to their reputation, from planning stages through installation and training. Their level of communication and depth of capabilities made the entire process run extremely smooth,”

- Jim Ross, Norco’s Quality Manager