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Conquering Challenges

with Weldcoa’s Adaptable Fill Automation Software

Project: Tyco In-House Inergen® Filling System

Weldcoa's complete understanding of cylinder filling proved essential.
Tyco's main goal: install a custom fill system to ensure complete quality control.
Analytical data allows us complete control over the quality of our product.
Weldcoa's Sur-Fill System is designed to accommodate tight tolerance requirements.

Tyco, a leader in global fire safety and security solutions, takes advantage of Weldcoa’s filling automation software flexibility, and palletized fill plant engineering strengths, to deliver a unique solution that exceeds expectations.

When Tyco decided to “in-house” their filling operation of Inergen gas in order to control quality and production, they chose Weldcoa to design the entire palletized cylinder flow process, pump system and fill island, with automation capabilities.

“When our client came to us and explained that their client, Tyco, wanted to do this we were hesitant to get involved because they were an end user,” noted Hector Villarreal, Weldcoa’s President. “But our client explained that Tyco had already made the decision to bring the filling in house. They were going to do this with or without us. Tyco’s project was a real challenge which forced Weldcoa to raise our bar on the excellence scale. Today we are a better company for having taken on the challenge.”

Tyco’s project engineer Scott Wahl, worked closely with the Weldcoa team from the beginning. “Our top priorities were safety, quality, on-time delivery and avoiding any downtime,” indicated Wahl. “We choose Weldcoa because of their experience, the quality of their products, and their proven track record in all of these areas.”

Designing for unique requirements

Weldcoa’s experience as a turn-key provider of cylinder fill systems, and innovations in palletized cylinder filling and automation, were put to the test by Tyco at many levels.

Inergen gas cylinders are much taller than typical gas cylinders, requiring reengineering of the structural design of the fill island. Weldcoa designed a higher platform island and fill head height to properly fit the cylinders, while ensuring the safest and most comfortable working environment for the staff.

Tyco produces 300 Bar Mixtures (4500 PSI) with very tight tolerance requirements and several stages of analytical points in the process. Weldcoa’s automation software was customized to accommodate these challenges.

In addition, this was a completely new filling operation requiring all aspects of design and engineering to be successful. Weldcoa’s thorough understanding of cylinder filling operations from the ground up proved to be essential in the success of the entire operation.

Automation software flexibility enables customization for process and analytical sampling

“Tyco’s main objective was to install a custom fill system to ensure complete control of quality. They produce Inergen in a tight blending tolerance that requires multiple analytical devices running sampling and data recording,” stated Don Renner, Weldcoa’s Sales Engineer. “We were able to customize our automation software to fit their process.”

Weldcoa’s Sur-Fill Automation System is designed to allow for customization to accommodate unique requirements, such as Tyco’s extensive sampling and recording. All of the customization was done by Weldcoa, and tested thoroughly before full production began.

Comprehensive project management and service

Weldcoa brings decades of experience to all phases of fill plant design and filling operations. They pride themselves on their attention to detail and unparalleled level of customer service. “The Weldcoa team took ownership of our project from design through training, and even after. They maintain open communication and we continue to have a great relationship with them,” confirmed Scott. “This investment will prove to be very good for our company.”