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It Pays to Upgrade

Upgrade Your Fill Plant Now to Lower Costs,
Boost Productivity and Increase Safety.

Project: nexAir Cylinder Filling Facility

The goal was to upgrade the existing fill plant into a more efficient facility.
"It became very clear that Weldcoa was the partner to choose."
The fill facility BEFORE the upgrade.
The fill facility AFTER the upgrade.
nexAir has realized a 40% gain on their investment in year one.

nexAir prepared for the future by contracting Weldcoa to update, upgrade and streamline their aged high-volume, fully functional Memphis, TN cylinder fill facility, and to palletize the filling process of a dock high facility while it remained in operation.

While the economy was still struggling, nexAir made the decision to reinvest in its infrastructure, cylinder plant operations and processes as a plan for the future of the company.

The goal was to upgrade the existing plant facility into a modern, streamlined, cleaner, safer and more efficient facility that would position nexAir to grow aggressively for the next decade