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On time and within budget.

Project: nexAir Hydrogen Fill Facility

They installed the first cryogenic pump made specifically for Hydrogen service.
Weldcoa trained nexAir’s in-house team on the equipment.
Weldcoa sourced the best possible equipment for the project..
The pump is monitored by a fully automated variable frequency drive (VFD).
The pump accurately fills cylinders, cylinder banks and even tube trailers.

For years nexAir had been growing their hydrogen business organically, but the volumes were not enough for them to commit to the capital necessary for a new Hydrogen Fill Facility. After performing a deeper analysis of their true costs they identified an annual freight expense to ship hydrogen into the area in excess of $80,000. Armed with this information nexAir sought out a knowledgeable partner to work within the design, installation and long-term support of the program. They turned to Weldcoa.