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Project: nexAir Hydrogen Pump Performance - Follow Up

It’s been 18 months & over 750 hours of service since the pump was installed.
Cryostar was very confident that their pump would prove to be the most efficient.
The cryogenic pump can empty a tank within 4” from the bottom.
Remote monitoring technology monitors the pumping 24/7.
Easily connect to the control box via VPN connection.

It’s been 18 months, and over 750 hours of service, since Weldcoa installed Cryostar’s Hydrogen Pump at nexAir’s brand new, state of the art, Hydrogen fill facility. “Anytime you are putting something into service that has never been done before it’s a gamble.” stated Maynard Klotz, Vice President of Weldcoa. “Cryostar was very confident that their pump would prove to be more efficient than anything else commercially available in the market today. They told us they would stand by their pump and we believed in them and their design. We committed to guarantee the results to nexAir and our commitment has been realized. It’s been 18 months without a single issue and there’s a level of product efficiency that just did not exist prior to this pump.” continued Klotz.