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Retractable lead fill heads ready for installation.

The Weldcoa Retractable Lead Fill Head is delivered complete and ready for installation. The installation process takes approximately 15 minutes.

Features & Benefits

  • Cylinder Cap Rack incorporated into the Fill Head
  • Isolation Valves for situations that require less then pallet
    load fills
  • Swivel Connectors to eliminate the hassle of cylinder
    valve orientation
  • An incorporated receptacle for air tools


  • Aluminum housing
  • Independent heavy-duty retractors on swivels for long work life operation
  • Quick Installation
  • Open architecture to insure quick and easy access

Fill Heads

A Weldcoa design advantage is the Fill Head's "Balancers." Unlike other retractable fill head designs, Weldcoa's have the ability to accommodate varying weights of valve connectors. Simply by dialing in more tension the Weldcoa "Balancers" can work with nuts & nipples, Superior Zip Nuts, FasTest® quick connects, etc. The Fill Head is available in 3500 or 6000 PSI models. Another Weldcoa exclusive is our Monel Swivels on 3500 PSI models.

Weldcoa Fill Heads Weldcoa Fill Heads