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Accessories that compliment your palletization system.

Portable Docks

  • A temporary extension of the existing dock that brings the pallets to floor level with the permanent dock to ease in the loading and unloading of cylinders
  • Accommodates two Sur-Loc pallets side by side
  • Moved into position with a Fork Truck
  • Constructed of heavy-duty structural steel
  • Easily adjusting the height of the portable dock to match your dock height by raising or lowering the telescope legs from 38" to 46"
  • Also available with removable side rails
Portable Dock


  • We only use binders that have been certified to have a breaking strength of 12,000 lbs.
  • Rated at a safety margin of 3 times working strength
  • The hook end is rated at 10,000 lbs. breaking strength
  • Our ratchet handle is a solid one-piece handle. 99% of the industry uses a ratchet handle with a peened handle that connects the side braces of the ratchet. Our experience has been such that when a ratchet fails it fails in the peened area.

Binder Brackets

  • Exclusively manufactured by Weldcoa specifically for use on the Sur-Loc Pallet System
  • Brackets are secured on to the 3" C-Channel that makes up the Sur-Loc Pallets Fence
  • Bracket slides effortlessly back and forth to accommodate any size load, allowing the driver to position the strap next to the load depending on the cargo size.

We recommend ordering the Sur-Loc Pallets with the binders and brackets already in place.

Binder Brackets

Pallet Ramps

  • Available in 18", 36", 48" and 60" ramps
  • Designed to facilitate the loading and unloading of cylinders from the Weldcoa Pallets
  • All the units are approximately 3" high x 18" deep
  • Constructed of durable 3/16” diamond plate
  • Provide for easier loading and unloading conditions for the cylinder sorters
  • Available in Aluminum
Pallet Ramp

Floor Level Pallet Ramps

  • Designed to be used at a customer site
  • Provides a secure, portable option for the customer who has limited cylinder handling experience Can be bolted to the floor to provide a permanent docking station for cylinder deliveries
  • Can be brought out when the cylinders are delivered and then put away
  • Consists of a 48" pallet ramp with side rails
  • Pallet slides into the floor level pallet ramps frame
  • Once in place, the customer un-straps the cylinders
  • Side rails provide added
  • Ramp creates an easier loading and unloading condition
  • Can be used at a distributor or end user site
  • Available in Aluminum
Floor Level Pallet Ramp