Sur-Fill iQ-s Features

  • Store an unlimited number of recipes with up to 10 source gas supply stations
  • Intuitive HMI touch screen with self prompting features
  • Produces ultra-consistent mixtures
  • Uses significantly less labor to produce highly accurate mixtures
  • Audio prompting throughout the process
  • Features remote monitoring capability and support
  • All components are orbital welded or VCR connections
  • Static or dynamic vacuum

Product Comments

"While touring the nexAir and Matheson facilities, Butler executives observed lab set-ups, and witnessed the operation of an automated blend cell. Both companies were using Weldcoa’s Precision Specialty Gas Products systems. Precision had been mentioned by most of the other companies Butler had interviewed. "It was our Aha! moment," admitted Abydee. "We knew that Weldcoa’s dedicated Precision Specialty Gas Products division was the right partner for us."

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