Sur-Loc Features

  • 4-point locking system
  • Diamond plate deck corners have been blunted for improved safety
  • Pallet deck can accommodate any standard 4' x 4' wood pallet and cargo
  • Pallets have 4-way entry and are self-aligning when positioned on a pallet truck or trailer
  • Fork pockets are re-enforced to eliminate the possibility of broken plates

Product Comments

"The pallet system we use at Matheson Tri-Gas, the Weldcoa Instaload palletized process (with Weldcoa’s Sur-Loc pallets) actually locks the front of the pallet down to the vehicle with a locking bar that interlocks to the bed of the vehicle. Then, the back of the pallet locks down with two pins secured to the outside rail.

In every single accident we’ve had with our vehicles, including rollovers, the load has remained in tact."

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"The Weldcoa pallets exceed all of the stated DOT requirements."

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