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Configure our modular units to maximize space.

Our specially designed storage racks help organize cylinders by fully utilizing all available space and creating a manageable order. The racks can be configured in a variety of ways. The units are modular and can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Our modular pallet storage rack system allows you to customize your cylinder pallet storage requirements based on available space, material flow and volume needs. The system can grow as needed by allowing for expansion, reconfiguration and relocation with just a few basic tools.

Features & Benefits

  • Modular design saves space
  • Configurable multiple ways
  • Single sided units can be assembled to any length (Single sided units would normally be installed along walls, fences or other perimeters.)
  • Double sided units can be assembled to any length (Double sided unit would be installed where access to both sides is available. This is recommended whenever possible because it optimizes the use of space.)
  • Safely stores cylinders indoors and outdoors
  • “L”, “T” and “U” shapes can also be created to fit inside buildings and yards to meet customer needs
  • Standard height: 77"
  • Maximum height available 101" (gas packs)
  • Weight capacity: 7000 lbs (including pallet)
  • Color options

Modules Consist of

  • Single-sided main unit
  • Single-sided add-on units
  • Double-sided main unit
  • Double-sided add-on units
Single Sided Modules